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It is safe to say the power of the Internet can no longer be challenged. Virtually every new company that set up its business starts by promoting its image online. Competition in the field of website development is growing every year, but there are still elements that require special attention before being commissioned to the advertising agency. In addition to the unique look, it is important that the website relies on an intuitive design and that the content closely corresponds to the industry of our operation. Why is this so important? Because the most popular search engine, Google, indexes website positions based on various factors, one of them being whether the site is interesting, functional and well-optimized. Optimization is a necessary tool in ranking our site in search engines and providing convenience to the user. Another important factor is the website’s responsiveness, i.e. matching resolution to different screen sizes (tablet, smartphone, desktop computer). A responsive website has a higher chance of being ranked higher in the search engine and consequently generate more traffic. It is important that our site “lives”, meaning that it should contain all essential information about our company.


Mark your online presence and get new customers. We will take care of every detail of your website so that your image stays with the customer for a long time. We will distinguish you from the competition with unique design and we will boost the prestige of your company.


Connect with millions of users in social media. We will take care of your image by promoting your brand in the most important social networks and thus developing your potential customer base.

Online store

Be available for your customers round the clock. We will design a new sales platform for you so that your products are at your fingertips and your marketing information is delivered directly to your customers.


Advertising videos are one of the most effective communication tools. Due to high production costs, relatively few companies can afford this kind of information transfer. In line with market expectations, we want our clients to be able to produce videos at competitive rates without comprising the top-quality standards. Our offer includes 3D animations, promotional videos, advertisements and tutorials. We approach each project individually, so that our clients can be sure their video will be unlike any other. Our productions also come with special effects applied based on current trends. Each video is digitally processed and delivered in a format that is consistent with the client’s intentions.

 3D Animations

The most expensive type of video production as well as the most technologically advanced. 3D animation in particular is based on the computer-created world and it is the most glamorous type of advertisement. The only limitation of what we want to see on the screen is the imagination of designers.

Advertising videos

Advertising videos have always been the most effective tool for promoting products, services and the potential of corporate companies. Our offer includes short advertisements as well as more advanced promotional videos. Our companies are guaranteed perfect broadcasts on LCD monitors and web portals. The ideas we present to our clients are always an effective form of advertising.

Tutorials / Presentations

Tutorials are designed to demonstrate product functionality and they are an effective form of instruction. This format is used, among other things, to promote new applications or new systems in the construction industry, or to show the processes taking place in given product or industries.

Advertising campaigns

An advertising campaign consists of marketing activities targeted to a specific group, intended to raise the awareness of the new product, brand, service, sales growth or brand image change. Put simply: it is conveying information through visual materials. using tools such as television, social media, advertising graphics, leaflets, banners and billboards. The ideal campaign should stand out from the rest and its message should be consistent with the brand’s strategy. Only creative ideas and taking the target audience by surprise will guarantee success. Synchronizing all your activities at one time is quite a challenge, the reason for which the best advertising campaigns are made up of marketing specialists. When building advertising campaigns, we are guided by the principle of drawing attention, triggering emotion and becoming part of the consumer’s world by entering his or her memory.


Actions based on marketing brand image management online. The tools we use include banner ads on social networks, video ads, fanpage service.

Visual Mechandising

We will build your image in large retail chains using POS materials and correlated visual action.

Outdoor marketing

We will reach out to your customers by means of communication on billboards, advertising boards and advertising posts.


We provide professional graphic design for printing.Our offer includes:
  • leaflets
  • posters
  • newsletters
  • catalogs
  • brochures
  • key visuals
  • edecorative elements of exhibitions
  • packshot packaging design
Our projects are based on existing graphic files or made from scratch as new graphic brandings. We will also handle non-standard orders. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


Promote your products using a catalog. We will dress your catalog in a unique design and highlight all the pros of your company.

Posters /Leaflets/ Business Cards

We will take print our your project in line with professional standards with the most recent trends.

Large-format Printing

We will design for you a creative graphic project meant for large-format printing.

3D Visualizations

Nicecity specializes in photorealistic architecture and product visualizations. The advantage of our visualizations is the attention to detail and unbelievable realism of our works. Our offer concerns all sorts of visualization, including simulations of fabrics, liquids, atmospheric conditions. Save time and money even before the start of construction works. See what your interior looks like on professionally made visualizations. We work based on the state-of-the-art IT solutions and with people who specialize in 3D, which guarantees that every visualization is bound to meet the highest of standards.

Interior and Exterior Visualizations

Present your investment before construction and find potential customers. Our visualizations are an effective advertisement for the architects industry.

Products Visualizations

Show your product in the best light with the best taste, and give a thrill to the consumer.

Technical Visualizations

Show how your product is made and gain credibility of your brand.

Identyfikation Brand

Each company should have a coherent corporate image system. The colors, logo and other visual stimuli used by a company have a huge impact on how it is perceived. We will help you build a clear and consistent visual corporate image system and will define specific rules for the use of graphics, typography and colors in your marketing efforts.


Highlight the most important graphic sign of your business. We will make your logo proudly present your brand. Our designers will develop a unique branding that will be your marketing showcase.


Always be legible. We will choose the typography that will not only be easy on the eyes, but also functional.

Corporate visual elements

We will design graphic signs, icons and other visual creations to make sure your brand is remembered.


Nicecity designs POS components (stands, displays, island displays, lightboxes). Our offers also includes the design of characters for advertising, video games and other applications, as well as the design of 3D and 2D environments. Depending on client needs, we use vector or raster graphics. It is possible to use a graphical tablet for digital drawings. We also handle non-standard orders. If you need to design the look of a piece of furniture, a casing of an industrial machine or even a piece of clothing, don’t hesitate to contact us.


We design attractive sales spots that will distinguish your product from the competition.

Digital Painting

We design characters and environments for video games and advertising.

Non-standard Orders

We will design your order according to your expectations.

Virtual walkthroughs

We do advanced virtual walkthroughs using Unreal Engine. If you need something more than a 3D visualization and you would like to interact with the surroundings, then virtual walkthroughs might be just what you’re looking for. We also create 360 Panoramas and systems compatible with the latest VR devices. Virtual walkthroughs are an effective advertising tool for developers and interior design companies. The 3D objects in our walkthroughs are modeled 1:1, which means that they correspond 100% to the scale of the real world.

3D Virtual Walkthroughs

Interact with the space design in 3D

360 Panoramas

Stay in the middle of the action. Walkthroughs run from the web browser. 360-degree rotation

Oculus VR

Enter the virtual world with the specially designed eyeglasses. Our virtual worlds are designed using state-of-the-art technologies.