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Unreal Engine – 3D Virtual walkthroughs

Nicecity Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine – 3D virtual walkthroughs

Game engine technology

Following the expectations of our customers, we seek the best technological solutions. We are pleased to announce that we have included real-time virtual footage based on Unreal Engine. Warsaw is a lucrative place for architecture constructions, which is why we at Nicecity consider this city our the future market for this solution.

Make somethink unreal.

with the most powerful creation engine

Unreal Engine is a graphics engine developed by Epic Games. The engine was designed for computer video games. Quickly, however, it gained the appreciation of architects and computer graphic designers alike, who were looking for a way to show the 3D environment in real time.
The advantage of this rendering engine over others such as Vray is the rendering time is below an hour for animations. This makes it a perfect tool for presenting interior design projects as well as outdoor architecture.

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