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Wisualizations 3D

3D wisualizations

Virtual World

3D visualizations are one of the most popular methods of mapping reality. Design and visualization software is a tool that offers unlimited possibilities to 3D designers. Competition in the field of 3D visualization is growing, but there are factors that influence their quality and realism. Let’s have a closer look at the advantages of 3D visualizations and compare the factors that influence their quality and price.

See before you build

3D Wisualizations

I guess everyone would like to see the product before investing money in its production. Let’s take a misfired investment that goes wrong simply because the developer didn’t have the right project. And going even further,, would it be possible to design a car without a virtual design of the body shape? You don’t need to convince anyone that 3D visualization is an indispensable tool in industry, manufacturing and architecture. The advantage of 3D visualization is that the objects are virtual so the cost of changing the shape requires a much shorter time than producing a new prototype. 3D visualization is a very good method of advertising and attracting new customers. Increasingly, car manufacturers are reaching for visualizations to advertise the launches of their new models on billboards and posters. The same can be said of food manufacturers, who are more and more eagerly turning to this advertising method. Why is this happening? Why not take advantage of professional photography? Visualizations allow us to accurately set color, adjust reflections and add a wealth other visual flavors that make the product appear flawless.

Quality = Price ?

The worst thing that can happen to a client is receiving a service that falls short of his or her expectations. Same with 3D Visualizations. Before we entrust our order to an advertising agency, we should make sure that the quality they offer meets our needs. The worldwide web is full of not only agencies ,but also young talented people passionate about Computer Graphics who can also visualize our product in a professional way. Is the quality of visualization proportional to the price of the service offered? Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Many agencies offer 3D visualizations in a quality not compatible with the standards for large amounts of money. Which is why we should always check the portfolio of the advertising agency and discuss the amount of detail we would like to see on the project beforehand. As it turns out, geographic location also influences the price of such services. Warsaw and Wroclaw are relatively pricey because demand for this service is on the rise and there are always new investors. Advertising Agencies in Warsaw often use this fact to their advantage. We are one of the few who strive to maintain the right ratio of quality to the client’s budget. If our visualizations meet your expectations, we invite you to contact us.

Rendering engines

Virtual world creation software often comes with built-in rendering systems. For laymen, rendering is computer-based  image conversion from 3D to 2D. In a word, everything we have done in the program’s working space is exported to an image where you can see exactly all effects, reflections and surfaces. Built-in engines often do not match the quality and expectations of the advertisement. With help comes external software programs that professionally design our visualizations based on the physical values ​​of the real world. These rendering engines have the ability to reproduce daylight, nighttime, imitate the surface unevenness and other effects used in the software as realistically as possible. The most famous rendering engines include Vray and Corona Render. Depending on which computer hardware and which rendering engine is used by  the advertising agency, this translates into rendering time, and thus the client’s money. Complicated scenes can be rendered in a couple to several hours, which has a significant impact on the project’s budget.

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